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The right solution for every customer

Our mission is to supply highly customised products, aesthetically appealing and made to last over time.

We can do this thanks to the synergies of our Structures, Plastics and Glass production areas all in a single company.

Production is intended for manufacturers of automated assembly, testing, packaging and production machinery, in the electromechanical, food, pharmaceutical, textile, wood, sheet metal and cosmetic sectors.

Protection with an AISI sr.40 structure and glass doors for medical sector machinery
Protection for thermoforming systems
Perimeter protection with a structure in sr.40 profiles

Custom solutions

Protections and Structures

Machine edge and perimeter protections with aluminium structure
Machine edge and perimeter protections with electro-welded AISI steel structure
Balanced vertical opening protections
Modular structures for industrial machines
Components and accessories for the implementation of protections, structures

Specific design

Belts and roller conveyors

Conveyor belts
Vacuum conveyors
Modular and roller shutter belts
Idle and motorized roller conveyors
Chaise Longue in methacrylate th.10
Detail: Chaise Longue in methacrylate th.10
Casing made of shockproof methacrylate th.10, folded and glued for a packaging machine in the pharmaceutical sector
Polyethylene plate for pallet conveyor head

Flexibility and design

Plastic products

Casing in polycarbonate, methacrylate, PVC and PETG for industrial machines
Furnishing and designer pieces
Technical items for components of industrial machines
Tempered and laminated glass door for the elevator sector
Tempered glass doors for machinery with a lamellar flow
Detail: Glass door for machinery with a lamellar flow for the pharmaceutical sector

Duration and transparency

Glass products

Tempered-laminated glass doors and panels for industrial machines
Tempered-laminated glass items for the furnishing and designer sector
Glass items for the elevator and display industrial sector

Riboli experience and innovation in protections

01. Planning

01. Planning

We create 3D models and renderings that allow accurate dimensions, feasibility and production costs to be verified

02. Design

02. Design

We customise the product according to your requirements to improve the characteristics and aesthetics of the machines.

03. Production and quality

03. Production and quality

Thanks to the CAD-CAM system, the entire production chain takes place with CNC machines that can guarantee maximum quality.

04. Complete service

04. Complete service

Riboli Srl offers its customers a complete service which, on request, can reach the final turnkey assembly.

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